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A Guide to the Best Podcasts for True Crime Lovers

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For true crime enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like getting lost in the intricate details and suspense of a gripping murder mystery. While books and TV shows have always been popular choices to indulge in this genre, an ever-growing number of true-crime podcasts are taking the world by storm.

The true crime podcast community is thriving and diverse, with various options available. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of podcasts or an experienced listener seeking new recommendations, look no further – this guide will help you find the best true-crime podcasts to keep you hooked.

1. Serial

Serial is a true-crime juggernaut that helped ignite the popularity of true crime podcasts. It’s widely recognized as the podcast that put the genre on the map in 2014. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, it explores different cases – each told over the course of multiple episodes. The first season of Serial tells the story of the mysterious murder of Hae Min Lee, while the following seasons delve into other cases.

2. Criminal

Criminal is a true-crime podcast known for its high production value and skillful storytelling. This podcast explores lesser-known cases of crime, often with an interesting twist or unexpected ending. It prioritizes the human element of crime, often exploring the stories of victims, families, or even the perpetrators.

3. My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a true-crime podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The hosts share their favorite murder stories and add a healthy dose of humor to dark subjects. This podcast isn’t for everyone, but the hosts’ wild antics and lighthearted approach make the experience of listening to the macabre subject matter less daunting.

4. Casefile

Casefile is a well-known true crime podcast that prides itself on the accuracy of its storytelling. This podcast prioritizes sharing the details of the cases it covers, from the investigation process to the courtroom drama. The host is very factual and dry, making this podcast an excellent choice for those who enjoy factual journalism.

5. S-Town

S-Town is a gripping true-crime podcast that’s structured like a novel. The podcast tells the story of an eccentric Southern man, John B. McLemore, and his mysterious death. S-Town is less about the investigation of a crime and more like a character study of McLemore, exploring his world, his relationships, and his complicated life.

6. Dirty John

Dirty John is a podcast that explores the web of lies and manipulation that characterized John Meehan’s relationship with the protagonist, a wealthy businesswoman. It’s a true-crime podcast that explores the dark side of relationships, the duplicity of some people, and the lengths some go to achieve their goals.

7. Dr. Death

Dr. Death is a true-crime podcast that recounts the horrific surgical malpractice of Christopher Duntsch. It’s hosted and produced by journalist Laura Biel, who spent years investigating the case. This podcast is a stark illustration of a healthcare disaster, and how the medical system eventually failed the patients.

In conclusion, with the overwhelming number of choices, it can be overwhelming to find the best true-crime podcast. Whether you like humor-infused accounts or a more serious, sobering take on the genre, one of these podcasts will surely resonate with you. We hope this guide helps you find the best content to keep you hooked.

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