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Healthy Cold Drinks to Keep You Refreshed All Summer Long

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Summer’s heat can be quite oppressive and staying hydrated is essential. Whether you want to cool down after a workout or need to quench your thirst on a hot day, you need a drink that refreshes and energizes you without being laden with sugars and unhealthy additives. Here are some healthy cold drinks to keep you refreshed all summer long:

1. Lemon water:

Lemon water is an excellent refresher that keeps the body hydrated and helps in detoxification. By adding cucumber or mint to the water, you can give the flavor a twist. Plus, it’s a low-calorie drink that boosts the immune system.

2. Coconut water:

Coconut water is a nutritious and delicious drink that’s readily available. It is loaded with electrolytes and potassium, which helps replenish lost fluids in the body and promote hydration.

3. Iced Green tea:

When brewed and chilled, green tea, is a refreshing drink that’s packed with health benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants that help fight chronic diseases, while caffeine in green tea helps to improve brain function and physical performance.

4. Homemade Fruit Juice:

Freshly squeezed fruit juices are a healthy alternative to store-bought juices. They contain natural sugars and vitamins, making them a refreshing drink with additional nutritional benefits that processed juices lack.

5. Sparkling Water and Citrus:

Sparkling water offers a great alternative to carbonated drinks that are laden with sugar. When combined with citrus such as lime or lemon, it can give a refreshing twist to the drink.

6. Smoothies:

Smoothies are an excellent way to stay healthy this summer. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and can be made with a variety of fruits, including bananas, berries, mangoes, kiwi, and peaches. These drinks also provide a good dose of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, which help keep you full for a longer period, making it a perfect summer workout drink.

7. Infused water:

Infused water is an excellent way to keep yourself hydrated. You can create a variety of flavors by adding slices of fruits and vegetables such as lemon, strawberry, cucumber, or mint to your water.

8. Kombucha:

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink containing probiotics and antioxidants. It has a slightly tangy taste and is naturally carbonated, making it a perfect replacement for soda drinks.

In conclusion, staying hydrated is essential in summer, but refreshing drinks do not have to be laden with sugar or unhealthy additives. The drinks mentioned above are a perfect alternative to keep you energized, healthy, and refreshed all summer long.

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