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How to Apply False Eyelashes like a Pro

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False eyelashes are a great way to add a dramatic effect to your eyes and get that “wow” factor. However, applying false eyelashes can be a daunting task for many, especially those who are new to the experience. So, if you’re looking to take your eye game to the next level, here’s how to apply false eyelashes like a pro.

Step 1: Choose the Right Lashes

Choosing the right lashes is crucial. There are different types of lashes available in different styles, lengths, and materials. Consider your eye shape, the occasion, and the look you want to achieve when selecting lashes. If you are a beginner, opt for natural-looking lashes that are easy to apply.

Step 2: Prep your Natural Lashes

Before you apply false eyelashes, it’s essential to prepare your natural lashes. Start by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler. This will help your natural lashes blend in with the falsies and create a seamless look. Apply a coat of mascara to your natural lashes to help them hold the shape.

Step 3: Trim your False Lashes

The next step is to trim your false lashes. False lashes are typically longer than your natural lashes, so you’ll need to trim them to fit your eye shape. Hold the false lash against your lash line and measure how much you need to trim. Trim the edge of the lash with small, sharp scissors, starting from the outer corner.

Step 4: Apply Lash Glue

Now it’s time to apply the lash glue. Squeeze a small amount of glue on a lash applicator or the back of your hand. Using a toothpick or a cotton swab, spread the glue evenly along the lash band. Allow the glue to dry for a few seconds until it becomes tacky.

Step 5: Apply False Lashes

Using your fingers or a pair of tweezers, place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible, starting from the outer corner. Press the lash band down gently with your fingers or the handle of the applicator. Once the glue has dried, apply a coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes and the falsies together.

Step 6: Touch up with Eyeliner

To create a seamless look, apply eyeliner along your lash line to cover any gaps. This will also help to conceal the lash band. Use a liquid or gel eyeliner for a more defined look.

In conclusion, applying false eyelashes is not as hard as you may think. With these simple steps, you can apply false lashes like a pro and get the desired look you want. Remember to choose the right lashes, prep your lashes, trim the falsies, apply lash glue, place the falsies, and touch up with eyeliner. So, go ahead and try out those false lashes and take your eye game to the next level!

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